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Details for this weekend's meetup in Montreal!

Hello there, everyone! Here are all the details for this weekend's Merlin Fans Dinner!

We'll meet at my place at 2pm (if you've expressed interest in coming, I'll PM you the address, don't worry). When everyone's arrived, we'll carpool up to the tournament grounds (we have three cars coming, so it shouldn't be a problem getting everyone up there). The show starts at 3:30 and costs $5 to attend.

The website for this event is here.

After the show ends (around 5:30-6:00), we'll head on over to The Red Dragon for dinner. Our reservation's for 6:30, under the name Merlin (:D). Please remember that the restaurant only accepts Interac or cash, no credit cards, and plan accordingly.

The Red Dragon's website is here
OKAY! so apparently that's not happening, as they're all full up, so me and kreuse shall be searching diligently for an alternative, and we'll let everyone know when we find one!

After dinner, we'll head back to my place again, where I'll...obtain...the newest Merlin episode, and we can all watch it/squee/bitch/drink away our sorrows/drink to our joys. This part is BYOB, cause I can't afford enough alcohol for 13 fangirls :D

As I've said, people are welcome to stay at my place, though you'd most likely be crashing on the floor. Still, if you're thinking of imbibing (which, honestly, what's a good fangirl get together without booze?), you might want to consider it.

Also, feel free to come to any or all of these events. I'll be PMing those who expressed interest, but if you've suddenly decided you want to come, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll add you to the list :D

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Hello there everyone! This is the planning post to gauge interest in a Merlin Fans Dinner in Montreal, QC. (Although, it's actually turning into a Merlin Fans Day in Montreal :D)

The Dinner/Day will be in Montreal on October 23rd, a Saturday. The day will start with a demonstration of Armour Combat by the Company Medieval, which starts at 2:30 and will last until 4:30/5:00pm. From there, we'll all head to my place to watch the newest episode (assuming, of course, that some nice person has put it up online). After that, it's on the dinner at The Red Dragon, a medieval-themed restaurant, where we'll all have a good meal and chat about Merlin! People would then be welcome to come back to my place for some more hanging out.

You could come to all these events, or two or one, whatever you prefer.

The cost would be about $20-35-ish per person if you're coming to the dinner, depending on what you order, whether you get drinks or desert or a salad, etc., and hanging out at my place is obviously free (BECAUSE I'M NICE LIKE THAT), but it would be BYOB. There's parking near my street, but I think it's about $10/weekend night, so public transportation would probably be your best bet (especially if you're thinking of imbibing!).

Sounds fun, yes? OF COURSE IT DOES.

If you're interested, leave a comment on this post over here, so I can get a tentative head count for reservations/knowing whether my apartment floor is going to cave in from putting too many fangirls on it.

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Merlin now on Space Channel

Again I got this from feilongfan, cause even when I periodically checked I had no inkling that:

Merlin's now on SPACE!

Season 1 is currently showing on Wednesday 9ET/6PT, and is availible a day after broadcast at Online viewing is a pretty small screen at mediocre quality IMO. But it is there. Episodes that have aired are The Dragon's Call and Valiant. Next upcoming episode is The Mark of Nimueh.

According to the other post, season 2 has also been picked up.

Yeah, Canada's got Merlin back!
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Merlin Cancelled on CTV; Space up in the air

I'm sure people know about this already but here's the low down:

Merlin was cancelled by NBC and CTV, but lives on in the U.S. on SyFy; Space has no plans to air it in Canada.

I saw that CTV cancelled it on another person's journal, then like a punch to the gut's TV Guide "Ask Amber" also mentioned it here in her March 29th edition--it's the second question.
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Merlin DVD

So I saw on feilongfan's page that as the Season one DVD's listed, and I checked Best Buy and Futureshop as well. Yeah!

On the other hand, why is the price $47.99 (43.99 on Does Merlin being a foreign show add to the price?

I'd still buy it, but I guess I was expecting a bit less for a 13-ep series. I have no clue how pricing boxsets work. My only comparison is buying Season DVD sets of north American shows that run for 22-eps a season.
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would any of you be interested in maybe going to medieval times? =x

I've never been/have no one to go with and i figured - who better than you guys! XD

regular prices:

promotion for 2-3-4 tickets

"corporate events" (15+ people)